Thursday, August 10, 2006

Taipei in Style

So the Taiwan Textile Federation is organizing a textile and fashion event at the end of next week, on August 17-19 to be precise. According to the Web site, numerous fashion and textile officials from countries like China, Japan, India and Russia will attend and speak at the show, though a large portion of the activities will be restricted to professionals or to guests 'on invitation,' as the site says.
The event will be open to the public from noon on August 18, the site says. Unfortunately, the hours won't allow me to go take a look, since I have to work elsewhere on all those days. Anyway, I hope the fashion and style pages of at least one of our glorious newspapers feature the event as soon as possible to let us know whether this is worth visiting for fashionistas, or more like a fabric show for professionals who have to turn the materials into desirable end products.
The web site is relatively enigmatic, so I'll have to wait until the local press reports about it before I can make a judgment, but you'll hear it here when it happens.


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