Monday, June 05, 2006

Campo Weekend

Veering off our regular topic of fashions and top brands for once - but not too far - I'd like to blow my trumpet and tell you about an artistic-commercial event.
Next weekend, in Hsimenting, artists, DJs, and people with products on offer that they are convinced are artistic will get together for two afternoons to get in touch with potential customers. Campo is the name of this monthly event, which is part flea market, part regular market, part art exhibition with the exhibits for sale.
Campo has been going on for quite a while, but this time Formosa Television FTV devoted a whole show to it, and I happened by coincidence to be watching the station at the right time, so there.
Fashion is not completely strange to this event, because one of the artists featured draws black-and-white faces on bags, umbrellas and other white objects, making the art wearable. Another artist takes metal wire and bends it in all kinds of shapes, from animals to abstract objects. The whole event might be designed to be selling stuff to the public and making money, but at least, it looks like there will be creativity involved, so I'll be going.
Campo is being held June 10 and 11, during the afternoon, at the Taipei Film Park in Hsimenting. You can reach that place by going west on either Emei or Wuchang Street until you reach Kangting Road. By the way, Campo takes place each month at different locations. The Core Pacific "Living" Mall was its stage last month.


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i hear there is one tomorrow - another campo - is it in the same place in ximen ding?

super thanks!


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