Saturday, February 25, 2006

Perforated in Taichung

With a title like this, is this blog still dealing with fashion? Yes, it is, because the major fashion event of the week in Taiwan was the opening of a large Louis Vuitton store in the central Taiwanese city of Taichung, and its main attraction was the launch in Taiwan of the Monogram Perfo handbag series.
Louis Vuitton and designer Marc Jacobs have to keep coming up with something new every season to keep interest in their bags high. Way back we had the Stephen Sprouse graffiti bags, then Jacobs recruited Japanese cartoon maestro Takashi Murakami, who turned the logo bag into a clash of color. Last year, Murakami came up with the cherry bag, over the winter we had the denim bags, and now is the time for the perforated bags. Yes, the classical Louis Vuitton Monogram or logo bags have holes in them all the way. And you can choose the color of the holes. At least, there are three colors to choose from: green, orange, and fuchsia. Nice find. After a couple of months, I guess Jacobs will come up with a new range of colors - say yellow, pink and blue - to launch the next wave of bags.
The Taichung store also offers the other recent bags, including the yellow Monogram Suede prominently featured in the ads with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Apart from that, exclusive jewelry and other Louis Vuitton products are all for sale in Taichung. The exterior of the store also has its own style: it's a huge white chessboard pattern based on the Damier design for some of its bags. A full-page ad in today's newspapers - showing a key with typical LV motifs - signaled to the public that after a special opening day for VIPs, the common woman and man are also welcome to spend his New Taiwan dollars at the shop.
And now the wait is on for what the French fashion giant's flagship store on Taipei's Chungshan North Road will look like.


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