Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bag Madness 101 Part 2

So much for bag madness at the Taipei 101. I went to visit this bag exhibition, and I got severely underwhelmed. The only thing you see are just a couple of bags inside giant plastic transparent replicas of themselves, and that's it. Each of the bags has a long text in Chinese only, explaining the history of the fashion house and the bag, but that's about it. Celine had a green Boogie bag and an orange Trunkette, and the orange paisley bag from Etro was also nice, but people, don't hurry to Taipei 101 just for this event.
You're actually much better off just strolling from shop to shop inside Taipei 101, along the course of the exhibition, rather than looking at the show itself. The stores themselves are loaded with new bags. I especially noted the orange and green bags at Celine with the Blason emblem done in sparkling stones, and the new Coach with the C logo large and purple.


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