Monday, December 05, 2005

Celebrities Love Celine

I visited the Celine show at the Taipei 101 today. To freshen up your mind, the exhibition celebrates 60 years of the brand, which was founded in Paris by Celine Vilapia as a shoemaker for children.
The show is limited in size, but free, and offers a look at Celine dresses through the years. The theme of the show is actually all about celebrities, with clothes paired with pictures of stars wearing them. There's Madonna, Charlize Theron, Sophie Marceau - wearing a Celine at a jewelry event in, would you believe, Taipei - and also Asian superstars Faye Wong and Karen Mok. Karen actually wore my favorite, a bright orange dress which is classic and modern at the same time. You can't miss it, as soon as you enter the rather closed-off space, it shines on your left. I liked it so much, I voted for it in the lottery competition the company is organizing in tandem with the show. You fill in the number of your favorite celebrity dress and deposit the piece of paper at the Celine store one floor lower.
Apart from the dresses, the show has only one case devoted to bags - the Boogie bag, the Macadam, the Glam Dam, the American Sulky. Considering the popularity of bags and accessories, I wished they would have given us more of those to gaze at, but that's just a small detail. Anyway, the next time you're in the neighborhood of Taipei 101, go and see the show on the fourth floor, it gives you a bit of history of a brand that deserves to be better known.


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