Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Remaking Louis Vuitton

There's a new fashion in Taiwan: you buy a fashionable brand item, preferably a bag, you break it or damage it one way or another, and then you go to the store to complain, preferably with a whole camera team or even a bunch of thugs in tow to threaten the store employees.
It happened several times recently, and the LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton group seems to be the favorite target. Today, a Celine store was visited by a lady who had bought a bag in Macao and found the bag disassembling after carrying it just twice. To be fair to the lady, she didn't bring any gangsters to the store, only a TV crew.
That was not the case a couple of weeks ago down south, in Taichung if I remember well, where a gruff man turned up at a Louis Vuitton, claiming the cut across his bag had occurred
only weeks after having bought the object. A whole bunch of dirty-looking thin thugs chewing betelnut and wearing black T-shirts crowded around the store in a mall, making sure passersby saw what was happening. However reasonable the guy's complaint might have been, using thug tactics didn't win any sympathy from me, and I hope not from Louis Vuitton either.
As a result of those and other recent cases - these media reports always come in waves - Louis Vuitton Taiwan has been emphasizing its aftersales service. Products bought outside of Taiwan can also be exchanged on the island, if the customer can come up with the receipt of course. If you're not satisfied about something you bought, you can return it within one week, if the problem is a fault in the object you bought, then you have one month. Anything that's ordered to be made especially for a client, can be repaired anytime, whether one year or 50 years after it was first sold by the company. Taiwan apparently has about 100 people who had Louis Vuitton products made to order, a recent report by Yuan Ching in the United Daily News said.


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