Friday, October 14, 2005

Michelle Yeoh and Tod's

Malaysian-Chinese superstar and former Bond woman Michelle Yeoh is visiting Taiwan. Not much of a novelty, since she spends most of her time just across the water in Hong Kong, but this time she's here for fashion.
Yeoh, who's working on director Danny Boyle's new movie "Sunshine" with "Red Eye" star Cillian Murphy, is here to attend the opening of a fashion store. The media so far have been rather silent about what shop we're talking about, but in the papers this morning, I noted a fullpage ad for the official opening of a Tod's boutique at the Mitsukoshi A4, yes, that one again, so ...
Yeoh is an action star but also an established power in the Asian film industry, so having her at your store's opening is surely a sign of class and influence. Maybe the papers will have pictures of her tomorrow, revealing if my guess is the right one.
After a week of relative activity on this blog, I'm afraid I'll be quiet for the next couple of weeks or so, because of a trip to the city that wants to be the capital of Asian fashion - Bangkok. I might not have too much time for fashion exploration and even less to post on my blog, but maybe next month. Until then.


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