Monday, October 03, 2005

Time with Tom Ford

No, I'm not moving out there in the stratosphere of the world's top designers and spending some time with Tom.
All I meant was that Time's twice-a-year style and fashion supplement is out there with the Asian edition of the magazine this week, and includes Tom's apparent first interview since his departure from Gucci. And an unhappy departure it was, it seems. In the interview, Tom describes it as a crisis taking him to the end of his self-confidence. It's a bit like what Pierce Brosnan might have felt after being thrown out of the James Bond factory. But now Tom has recovered, though he's not really letting on what his big project is, if he has one.
OK, we know he worked on movie plans. He tells Time he's written a script that's partly autobiographical, and he used to be a good writer before he turned into a fashion hero. Nevertheless, another writer is still working on his script right now. Not sure if that's a rewrite or a ghost writer doing the hard work, but let's hope the guy or girl gets a credit for that.
On the fashion front, we also know already that he signed a deal with Estee Lauder to work on fragrances. Tom says he's very much into perfumes, deodorants, cosmetics, and so on, and has absolutely enough of women's ready-to-wear clothing. So we won't see any of that with Tom Ford's name on it soon.
The special Time supplement also provides profiles of influential 'brokers' in the fashion world, and many of them turn out to be the latest generation of famous designer dynasties, like Margarita Missoni. Another topic in the magazine is the widespread use of chains and other metal gear on the latest handbags and accessories.
The latest Time supplement is available with the Time Asia edition that has the environmental causes for Hurricane Katrina on its cover. And talking of magazines, I went hunting today for the October edition of Taiwan's Brand magazine, but that doesn't seem to be available yet. I'll keep you posted.


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with Tom Ford!!!??
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