Monday, September 12, 2005

September Brand Magazine

While I sort out the problems with uploading my pictures to this blog, there is so much happening around me that I can't wait until I those troubles are over before filling you in.
So in this posting, I want to review the September issue of Taiwan's "Brand" magazine.
As usual, the magazine opens with pictures of new products from handbags to watches to lipstick. There is also quite a bit on men's clothing for Autumn/Winter 2005.
The main report is about the pricing of famous brands, but I really have to read more before I can tell you what it's really about.
If you're fanatic about bags, logos and retro, then this issue of the magazine is certainly generous to you. It reports on the new Prada bags, with the traditional upside-down triangle, but also with the more classical-looking oval in various sizes with the Italian royal coat of arms and the words "Prada Milano dal 1913." Then there's Fendi with its Selleria series showing a horse, Celine with the Sulky series and its horse and racing cart, Bally with its coat of arms and the date 1851, and Loewe with the 30th anniversary of its Amazona bag. Loewe and Celine get even more coverage further on in the magazine.
One of the cover stories deals with androgynous fashions for women, who they divide in types like the power woman, the ascetic monk, the bad boy, etc.
There is also a feature on bags for people who can't afford bags, i.e. wallets and note books and the like.
From Hong Kong, the magazine features agnes b., which also sells flowers and coffee there. On the same note, there's a profile of the Giorgio Armani Caffe in Milan.
Paul & Joe is a brand you might have heard of, but you would be wrong if like me, you guessed there were two English or American men behind it. Paul and Joe are actually the young sons of French designer Sophie Albou.
This month's edition of "Brand" ends with fashions for young girls and portraits of local fashion and music celebrities.


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