Thursday, September 01, 2005

VW drives into Taipei

Punk has never been a favorite of mine, neither the music nor the fashion, but you can't deny Vivienne Westwood is one of the most significant fashion designers of the past decades. More surprisingly, Vivienne is visiting Taiwan these days, though a typhoon wiped any news about her visit off the TV screens.
Luckily, the newspapers have taken up the slack, and at least three of them discuss her, and the reason of her visit: an exhibition of her designs at Taipei's Fine Arts Museum on Chungshan North Road until October 9.
In the Taipei Times Style supplement, Susan Kendzulak finds traces of British history in the 500 designs on show, including tartan plaids and rococo paintings.
In the China Times, Huang Lei writes the exhibition was organized by London's Victoria and Albert Museum, and is on a tour of the world. Vivienne Westwood's designs are for sale in at least 6 locations in Taiwan: the Sogo, the Mitsukoshi A9 near Warner Village, the Mitsukoshi in Tienmu, the Eslite on Wuchang Street in Hsimenting, the Chungyou department store in Taichung, and the Hanshen in Kaohsiung.
In the United Daily News, Yuan Ching interviews the designer about Dior and Chanel, her interest in Chinese art, and her Autumn/Winter 2005 collection, which dwells on human rights and has strong political - leftist - overtones.
All three newspapers love the picture of the blue shoes with the stratospherically high heels, made famous when Naomi Campbell stumbled in them, the China Times writes.
So my prime destination this coming weekend will be the Vivienne Westwood exhibition at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, though I also hope to be making it to a Prada show on Saturday. I'll keep you informed.


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