Sunday, September 11, 2005

Coming Up in Taipei

As promised ages ago, I finally worked out the problems with A. my computer and B. my camera, so today's the day that you can start and admire pictures on this blog. Well, then of course, I forgot about problem C. uploading the pictures to this blog. After spending 8 minutes uploading 4 pictures, they sort of vanished down a black hole. Great! Let me try again.
As my subject for this new feature, I decided to take the shops that are opening soon - most of them later this month - in Taipei.

Gucci, baby!
First off, the Breeze Center has at least three new guests. The Salvatore Ferragamo which had a final sale I mentioned a while ago in a previous posting, has now closed down and will be replaced by a Burberry. But the eyecatchers, right out on the frontside of the mall on Fuhsing Road, are a Cartier and a Gucci. Since I am not a jewelry and watch expert, I decided to show you the Gucci half. The store is only located on the first floor, but the poster goes up all the way, past the overhead Mucha rapid transit line.

A4 - Mitsukoshi everywhere
The area near Taipei 101 and the Warner Village already has three Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department stores. Obviously not enough, because a fourth is under construction. "I love Salvatore" is the slogan you see everywhere, hailing Salvatore Ferragamo, maybe compensating for his departure from the Breeze Center. The Mitsukoshi A4 will also house at least a Balenciaga, Tod's and Coach.

Coach 101
And talking about Coach, they're about to move into Taipei 101, not on the 3rd floor, where rivals Louis Vuitton and Gucci maintain their crowded operations, but one floor lower, on the second. The United Daily News says Coach will offer the Hampton's Suede bag exclusively to celebrate the opening, at a price of 14,800 New Taiwan dollars.
Staying at Taipei 101, Piaget opened up earlier this week, and Van Cleef & Arpels are also moving in. In addition, the world's tallest tower is laying on six days of fashion shows - invitation only - on its renovated 4th floor plaza, until September 15. The only one I have time to attend is the Esprit show tomorrow afternoon.

So, that's it for now, expect more in the near future about the latest edition of Taiwan's Brand magazine, and about Lynn H. Shih's book, which I managed to finish yesterday.


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