Friday, November 25, 2005

And the Pope wears Prada too!

"The Devil Wears Prada" must be one of the most famous novels about the fashion world and its eccentricities. And now the international media have found out that Pope Benedict XVI wears Prada too! At least on his feet. Wonder if he knows about the book, I'm sure he doesn't.
And Prada is not just the devil's favorite fashion brand, it's also designed by a communist, at least Miuccia Prada says she is. Yet another reason why you wouldn't expect that brand to be worn by a Catholic religious leader with a reputation as a hardline conservative.
But back to what the Pope actually likes wearing. His Pradas are a pair of red loafers, rather incongruous and flashy with the white cassock I see him wearing in the pictures in Time, Taiwan's Liberty Times and other publications.
Benedict apparently also likes Tod's, another Italian brand, and yes, that pair is also red. His favorite glasses are signed Gucci.
The Pope may be German, but at least, he sticks to the top brands of his adoptive country, Italy. What next? Benedict XVI replacing a disgraced Kate Moss?


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