Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bag Madness 101

After the Celine show, Taipei 101 seems to be set on becoming the regular home for new fashion events that can be termed 'exhibitions,' even if their aim is mainly commercial. The latest event in this row, featured in today's Taiwan News, is titled 'Bag Magic.'
The Taiwan issue of Vogue magazine is sponsoring the show, which basically features lots of well-known bags. There's the Loewe Amazona, the Escada Eluna, the Celine Trunkette and the Boogie bag, and Issey Miyake's Tube. They almost sound like cars that drove over from the nearby Taipei Auto Show.
The picture in the Taiwan News shows a blue Dolce & Gabbana bag exhibited inside what looks like a giant transparent replica of the same bag. It looks promising, though I won't be able to judge the show until I go there myself, either tomorrow or next Monday. But that's something for Bag Madness 101 part 2.


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