Friday, February 03, 2006

My Ford is a Frida

Gucci has found a successor for Tom Ford, the Los Angeles Times web site says. Frida Giannini is the first person since Ford's departure to concentrate all design jobs at the Italian house in one person's hands. She already had the women's wear and accessories, and now John Ray has resigned from the men's wear department to leave that business also in Giannini's hands. Such move can be interpreted as a brute power grab, or as a move toward more consistency across the various corners of the Gucci empire.
Giannini presented her first women's collection in Milan last October, and it wasn't received all that well, the LA Times says. Later she won credit by introducing the "Flora" line of shoes and bags with a wild flower motif inspired by a Gucci scarf once designed for Grace Kelly.
So what does Giannini's promotion to her new status mean for Taiwan? Well, nothing at all. As my previous posting shows, Taiwanese women will continue to buy Gucci, no matter who is in charge, Frida Giannini or anybody else. The Italian brand consistently rates only behind that other master of logo culture, Louis Vuitton.


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