Thursday, February 02, 2006

Top of the Pops

The Chinese New Year holiday will be over a couple of hours from now, but it wasn't exactly a quiet period without shopping. Last Monday, I was over in Taipei's Eastern District, in the land of the multitudinous Mitsukoshis, and the place was absolutely crowded.
As the holiday ends, the newspapers also pick up volume again, and today's United Daily News is no exception, with fashion news reappearing on its pages with a report about the Top 10 popular brands from the magazine of that name. A couple of months ago, this blog had a couple of reviews of that publication, but it's been a while since I looked at it.
For its top 10, the magazine polled women, separated in three age categories, ladies in their 20s, 30s and 40s. The top 2 popular brands are the same for all groups, and no surprises, Louis Vuitton is the absolute winner, with Gucci second.
The differences begin at number 3: the 'older' women prefer Chanel to Dior at that rank, though the latter still features in their top 5, as does Coach for all three groups. Further down in the top 10 you also find Burberry, Hermes and agnes b. present in all groups.
The biggest difference is the presence of Anna Sui at number 4 in the list for the youngest women, which the magazine explains by saying its lower prices allow more "brand beginners" to favor its products.
Near the bottom of the rankings there's also place for different names to appear for different age groups: women in their 40s favor Loewe at number 10, those in their 30s put Celine in that place, while the twens have Vivienne Westwood at number 9, maybe because of last year's successful exhibition at Taipei's Fine Arts Museum, or because, as the paper says, of the brand's presence in a popular Japanese movie, Nana.
The Taipei Times style supplement is also back from the holiday in a modest way with a report from The Guardian about John Galliano's latest show for Dior. Red and platinum were his favorite new colors, and the executed French queen Marie Antoinette served as the main historical reference for the show.
Meanwhile, the holiday is over, but Gioia Pan's boutique near the Regent is still not open. And Uma Thurman has made way for Gisele Bundchen on the Louis Vuitton posters, but there's still no sign that its store on the other side of the Regent from Gioia is any closer near completion. I'll keep watching, so keep reading.


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