Friday, January 13, 2006

Chanel Airport

As I am writing this, one of the biggest Asian fashion events of the month is taking place at Taipei's Chiang Kai-shek International Airport. Chanel has chosen a hangar of Taiwan's largest airline, China Airlines, to show off its new collections to an Asian public.
So why am I not there, and sitting here writing about something I haven't seen? Well, because I don't belong to Taiwan's fashion elite (yet!).
The show takes three hours, from 9 pm to midnight, but reporters and photographers were supposed to get together in Taipei around 5 pm. In other words, a lot of wasted time.
Nevertheless, it should well be worth it. I imagine Karl Lagerfeld won't be there, otherwise it would've been all over the Taiwanese press. The media here, as usual, will be focusing on the stars attending the show, rather than the clothes themselves. Superstar Shu Qi is one of the top celebrities present, I once thought about devoting a web site to her, but that was before the age of the blog.
Ending this short posting on a positive note, the recent burglary at the Louis Vuitton flagship store on Dunhua South Road, which I mentioned in a previous posting, has been solved. They caught the gang who did it and found the merchandise, including a monogram travel trunk worth 1 million New Taiwan dollars, or about 33,000 US dollars. The other famous fashion theft of the past year, at Gucci's Chungshan North Road shop, has still not been solved though, as far as I know.
On that note, a Happy New Year to all fashionistas. And yes, I'll have to read about the Chanel show in the newspapers tomorrow like everyone else.


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