Thursday, February 16, 2006

The New Bags

With the winter almost over in Taiwan, there's a load of new bags doing the rounds at the major designer brands these days, and the China Times today picked a few choices.
Topping the list is a Louis Vuitton which doesn't look like a Louis Vuitton at all. OK, I admit it, it has a LV logo stamped on it, but that's it. It looks bulky, it has chains, its design has rows of golden chains on a white background with the LV logo in gold inbetween the chains. Maybe it'll grow on me, but it has too much of a nouveau riche look about it, all glitz, all money, but little taste.
The China Times also presents a large all-black Chanel - "Luxury by Chanel" is the name of the series - with a large double C logo, a fiery red Fendi, and a white Amazona from Loewe.
Actually, passing by the Grand Formosa Regent's underground gallery tonight, I saw far more attractive bags all around me. Prada has gone beige, with that color dominating all its choices. Fendi had denim bags, finally, months after Louis Vuitton and Celine hit on the idea, but still they look good. And at Loewe across the street, I saw an eye-catching bag with both Loewe logos, the classic coat of arms and the big art nouveau writing of the brand's name, combined with splotches of red. Quite impressive, it reminded me of a flamenco dancer in a bright red dress. Very Spanish, but I know if conservative ladies in Taiwan will give it a try, though.
And as to black bags, the Chanel isn't the first one, if you visit the Dior boutique inside Taipei 101, you'll see lots of black bags, a complete changeover from the previous Dior collection, which was all white, and which you can still see at the Regent Galleria.


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