Friday, March 31, 2006

Armani Goes Shanghai

Giorgio Armani is taking the retrospective about his 30 years in the business to Shanghai, China's capital of style. More than 400 pieces of clothing and drawings will be on show at the Shanghai Fine Arts Museum starting this Sunday, and lasting until May 3. The Chinese city will be the final stage for a world tour of the exhibition.
Too bad, Taipei, with its wealthy buyers and stylish fashionistas and brandcrazy young ladies would also have been a great destination for the Maestro's show. Maybe we should call on Kenneth Yen, the chief of Yulon Motors, Carnival clothing and the new representative for Armani in Taiwan, to use his influence and get the show over here, maybe at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum or the Museum of Contemporary Arts. He could use a fleet of his own company's cars to ferry the guests to the opening gala, thus killing two birds with one stone.


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