Friday, April 28, 2006

LV Day (2)

So this was Louis Vuitton's great day in Taipei. The official opening of its "Maison" on Chungshan North Road took place under a miserable rain, as could be expected after the weather of the past few days.
The shop itself looks worth a visit from an architectural viewpoint, but according to the double-page ads in today's newspapers, the common folk will have to wait until after the weekend before they can replace the VIPs.
When I passed there tonight, there were crowds massing outside despite the rain, or I should say, because of Rain. I'm sure they must have been fans of the Korean pop star, rather than crazed shoppers looking for the latest purple monogram bags and jewelry. From a viewpoint of class and taste, which Louis Vuitton wants to project, I'm not so sure that Rain is the right choice to promote the brand. A man who styles himself as the "Michael Jackson of South Korea" and who passes through the airport only carrying his pass in a visibly Louis Vuitton product, that's not much of a stunt.
Much bigger and much more attractive was the "packaging" of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and its main gate in the shine of lights reflecting the brand's famous logo, and a floral design on a red background. That sight is much more memorable than the appearance of a flimsy pop star.
Tomorrow, no doubt the papers will have lots of pictures of today's fashion events, allowing people like me a closer look.


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