Thursday, April 27, 2006

Local Talent

Fashion and arts departments of local schools in Taiwan have the custom of presenting their students' works at the end of the school year. This time, the catholic Fujen University in the Taipei suburb of Hsinchuang has raked in some heavy guns to lend their event more publicity. This Saturday evening after six, the students will put on their show at the Taipei County government building in Banqiao.
No idea what the reputation is of their school, but they did manage to catch three famous names from Taiwan's fashion establishment as members of their jury: model Sun Cheng-hua, also famous for her Sunday evening TV show Fashion Deluxe, and designers Shawn Pan and Chien Yu-feng, of the French-based brand ShawnYi, mentioned before on this blog.
As said above, all my information about this event comes from a fax sent by a PR company, so I do not vouch for the quality and the other details of this event. This is purely FYI.


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