Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hello Nara Camicie, Goodbye Missoni

Nara Camicie is a relatively cheap Italian brand of imaginative blouses and shirts which you can find in Taiwan. Or at least, that was what I found out in the Sicilian town of Agrigento recently. Camicie means shirt and that is what they sell, for both men and women, in Italy anyway. Some of the shirts/blouses are really bright, think orange or white with red flowers, even though white dominates in this summer's selection.
Since you're unlikely to hit Sicily or Italy any time soon, I have to report to you on the brand's Taiwan operations. First of all, Taipei has several of them, mostly inside Mitsukoshi department stores, but also at the Sogo. And after the good news, the bad news: so far, I've only seen blouses on sale, not shirts for men. Maybe they think Asian men are too conservative for their styles and colors.
Anyway, keep an eye open for Nara Camicie, a brand well worth following, and affordable.
And while we're on the subject of Italian brands, you'll have to keep your eyes really wide open to find Missoni these days. A while back, their outlet on Taipei's Kuangfu South Road closes, and now it's the turn of their better known store next to the Grand Formosa Regent. That means that the only place where you can find the colorful knits of the Missoni family these days, is the Missoni Sport inside Taipei 101.
Staying on the topic of Italian brands, the Gucci Group's luxurious Bottega Veneta brand just keeps expanding. After the Breeze Center and one of the Mitsukoshi's near Warner Village, the company is now preparing an outlet inside the Regent Galleria, yes, that's the basement of the Grand Formosa Regent, where some of the brands, such as Prada and Burberry, recently moved around.
And finally, turning away from Italy and going native Taiwanese, design houses Shiatzy Chen and Chen Jamei are presenting their latest collections within the next few days, so look out for the fashion pages in the daily newspapers.


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I was interested to read your comments on the fashion especially the Nara Camiche shirts. We are starting an intnet company from which we want to supply items in black & white.

As reproductions are items better seem to be in your county , can you point us in the right directon

Look forward to hearing fro you maybe

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