Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Missoni's Back

Do not believe everything you read on the Internet. And that apparently includes this blog. In my previous posting, I was lamenting the downfall of Missoni in Taipei, with only one boutique left, the Missoni Sport one inside Taipei 101.
Well, the demise of the Italian family brand's store next to the Grand Formosa Regent was greatly exaggerated by me. Walking past the site this morning, what do I see? Exactly, the name 'Missoni' in large, bright letters inside the still-being refurbished interior. So instead of a dead Missoni, we'll be seeing a new and revitalized Missoni there soon.
Still, the brand's multicolored style is no longer as unique as it once was. Just two other names who are doing just as well exploring the bright and the cheerful: that other Italian family, Etro, with a boutique at Taipei 101, and Britain's Paul Smith, at the Breeze Center. They have ventured onward where Missoni left off, and my personal Missoni fan, my wife that is, will need quite some convincing before she returns to the fold. Maybe the renovated store will succeed in bringing Missoni back into the attention of the local fashion press and public.


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