Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Leaving Black Behind

Those of you who have been passing Prada shopwindows in Taipei recently will have noticed a fundamental philosophical shift. The Milan fashion house once known for putting black first and everywhere has betrayed its main principle.
To be honest, they've been abandoning black for a while, introducing lighter colors and a more classic logo than the upside down triangle. But now, you can't help but notice they've gone completely in the other direction.
And guess what? I'm not complaining, because it works. The Prada shopwindows at Taipei 101 and in the Regent Galleria are a riot of colors. Prada now sells handbags in orange, green, white, blue, pink, you name an outrageous color, and they seem to have it, all in one window together. The bags have the name Prada, the place of origin Milano, and the date 'dal 1913' - which simply means 'from 1913.' And with the bags, there are smaller purses and shoes to match. Those shoes are taking things even further, with not just one color per shoe, but two. The light green shoe will have slightly darker green tips, and so on.
I researched the web site to get more information about the new philosophy and the new products, but to no avail. Either my browser is acting up, or the site is really as lame as the new bags are enthusiastic.
Anyway, Prada has exploded. Into color. I'm all for it.


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