Monday, October 16, 2006

No Nudes

For those of you about to run out to the Breeze Center for your Marc Jacobs T-shirt, I can tell you, stay home! They're sold out!
This is the second time I write you this story, because through some marvel of technology, I couldn't post the first version on the blog, and it got completely lost. Thank you, blogger, for wasting my time.
On Sunday morning, I was waiting outside the Breeze Center before opening time with another half a dozen people. As soon as the doors opened, we all ran in, and about half of us went straight downstairs because that's where the Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique is.
But guess what? Some others had been smarter and found another entrance to the mall, so there was already a line from the store past two adjacent shops. We all got handed a red ticket with a number, mine was 250-something, so you can already guess what happened with the 80 T-shirts on offer.
Exactly, they were sold out before I even entered the shop. As consolation prize, people received a small box of facial cream, which my wife was happy with, at least. But my dreams of Naomi Campbell in orange, Winona Ryder in pink, and Hilary Swank in white vanished into history.
I guess I should've known. Here in Taiwan, even seemingly uninterested things attract the masses to line up if the marketing is done right.
I want to apologize to you if reading my blog caused any of you to hurry to the Breeze Center and waste your time. The next time I'll have to put up a disclaimer of some sort.


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