Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Nude Design

Marc Jacobs is the man who turned the handbag into a must-have for thousands, no, millions of Asian women. And now, he is turning his attention to T-shirts. For some reason though, I think he's not going to be so successful at it.
Jacobs has two brands of his own: 'Marc Jacobs,' which you can find in the alley running south along the Grand Formosa Regent in Taipei for example, and 'Marc by Marc Jacobs,' which now has a store on the first floor at the Breeze Center.
And it's at the Breeze place you have to be this coming Sunday if you want to fork out 1,000 NT dollars (about 32 US$) for Marc's latest creations. The T-shirts have texts like 'Protect Your Largest Organ' printed over the picture of a famous person. The persons available include Naomi Campbell, Winona Ryder, and Marc Jacobs himself.
Oh yes, and why do I think they're not going to sell as well as Marc's LV bags? The stars posed nude. A frontal nude on the front, a rear view on the back of the T-shirt, with the naughty bits not really showing, of course. As usual with nude pictures, it's all for a good cause, in this case skin cancer research at a New York university. One word of warning: only 8 out of the 12 original versions will be available in Taipei.
I can't see young Taiwanese women walking along Chunghsiao East Road or sitting on the MRT showing off a nude picture of Marc Jacobs, but I'd certainly want a Naomi Campbell one as a collector's item. Please.


Blogger joanh said...

hi! just found your blog.. it will be an interesting read to browse!

Just wanted to mention that there is a marc by marc jacobs store in the shin kong mitsukoshi mall- i think a9 or a11.

12:39 AM  
Blogger Enzo Ciancia said...

Hi Thanks, Joanh!

I'm afraid my blog doesn't get updated too often because I'm so busy with work and other projects.

This is just a hobby - like blogs often are. Welcome aboard, anyway!

10:05 PM  

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