Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Stealing Stephen

Coming soon to a Web site, a second-hand store or a sidewalk near you: 96 Louis Vuitton bags in mint condition!
That's the likely outcome of the spectacular two-minute raid on the French designer's main store in Taichung yesterday. The thieves got away with some of the latest in Louis Vuitton bags, include a Stephen with the typical monogram, leopard design and a chain, worth a cool 155,000 New Taiwan dollars, or about 5,000 US dollars. Several bags in the new light cream colored version of the Damier series also vanished, as did lesser known but still stylish bags like the Stillwood Vertical and the Zippy Organizer.
Police told the United Evening News they expect the objects to show up on the Internet or at second-hand stores in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan at 85 percent of their original value. They also suspect the robbers must have visited the store earlier on to check up on its contents. The Taichung store is one of Louis Vuitton's newest in Taiwan, and hosted the launch on the island of the Monogram Perfo series.
The heist immediately invited parallels with that now infamous breakin at Gucci's Chungshan North Road store in Taipei, which as far as I recall, was never solved. So much for the logo craze.


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