Thursday, October 19, 2006

Taipei Fashion House

Next Tuesday, Taipei's rather downmarket district of Wanhua will be enriched with a new museum: the Taipei House of Clothing Culture, or whatever official name the city will come up with.
The baroque house, which spent many years as an empty shell in the Dali neighborhood, is not so much a museum as an art and exhibition space, which will be rented out for fashion shows, lectures, art performances and the like.
Opening day, October 24, will feature a virtual fitting room, a 100 years of history of Taiwan's fashion, and in the evening a public fashion show which includes Italian brand Missoni.
If all that sounds rather abstract, it is because so far I have found only limited reports about the place and the event in the local press.
I won't be there on opening day, but I guess it'll be worthwhile to visit one of the weekends after. Will this place be a focus for fashionistas with an emphasis on local designer culture, or will it turn into just another performance hall? I'll have to go and check it out for myself. To be continued, with more practical information about how to reach this place.


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