Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Year of the Pig

The Year of the Pig has arrived and this gives me yet another opportunity to discuss my hopes, plans and dreams for the coming year and for this blog.
Since it's difficult for me to catch up with everything that's happening in fashionland in Taiwan on my own, and having no time to go to news conferences and shows all the time, I will probably be converting this blog into a base to promote my new endeavors soon.
Some of those endeavors are:
-plans for a board game on Taiwanese politics;
-plans for a Chinese-language book about a phenomenon that hasn't been written about yet in Taiwan;
-I'm very close to finishing a piece of fan fiction for a British Web site; by the way, fan fiction is a piece of 'literature' - in the loosest possible sense of the word - written in the style of an existing book, play or movie;
-I am also close - but not close enough - to completing a thriller.
All those projects have a time table of their own, and occupy me to varying degrees. The fan fiction is now about 60 pages long in Word and should be finished by mid-March. When it gets published basically depends on how the Web site operates.
The board game is also virtually finished, but I still have to go out and present it to possible publishers, and I have no idea how cold or warm their response will be. In any way, it should reach stores and news media way before next year's Taiwan presidential elections.
The Chinese-language book is something else, because first of all Mandarin is not my native lingo, and I still have to gauge what kind of interest local publishers will have for the topic, which is rather offbeat for an Asian country. However, personally, I feel that that is precisely what should make the book attractive to publishers: offbeat equals newsworthy equals easy to promote.
My 'masterpiece' if you will, is that thriller of course. I have 160 pages down in Word, but that is not enough. Once I finish it, there's editing and rewriting to be done, and there's also the slow process of finding an agent and a publisher. Even when that goes smoothly - and for most new writers it doesn't - I still have to look at some 18 months before it actually reaches the book stores, so you can see what I'm up against.
And until that happens, I still need other sources of income. That's why I'm scouting the Internet for business ideas and quirky innovations. My plans for small-scale business include food and the edge of fashion and design, but of course, all that planning needs time as well. What will make money? How much do I need to invest before I can start up production? Where do I sell my stuff, and will there be anybody interested? If I sell it over the Internet, how do I reach customers, how do I package the product so that it arrives looking good? Lots of questions, and over the following months I'll be hard at work pondering those, and writing, and wondering where my next income will come from.
2007 will be quite a year, pig or not!


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