Tuesday, February 26, 2008

S2S : Senses To Senses

The day after Marion Cotillard won the Oscar for the Best Actress in a leading role is just a day as good as any to explain more about what is behind this blog's recent name and concept change.
S2S means Senses to Senses and red is our theme color - because red symbolizes passion and sensuality.
The new blog is taking on events, objects, people, and phenomena that work positively on our senses. That's why we told you we will be writing here about all kinds of things we like, from movies and TV shows to fashions, food, cars and travel.
The two prerequisites are these: we like it - so you won't find much negative talk and whining on here - and it's sensual - so not much about violence, wars, brutality, dirt and filth. But then, we don't like those things anyway.
The Edith Piaf movie 'La Mome' - known in many countries as 'La Vie en Rose' - is symbolic for the type of movie we might be discussing on this blog. It's a very human story of talent, passion, but also intense misfortune and unhappiness, and that's why we believe it spoke to so many people worldwide. It's more than a biopic about a singer, it's more than just another French movie, it's really a universal story.
Other sensual themes that have caught our attention the past weeks include preparations for the next Burning Man, an avantgarde arts festival held yearly on a desolate plateau in the Nevada desert. The latest edition is still about seven months away, but it has fired our enthusiasm.
The movie about Edith Piaf also fired up ideas for similar epic movies about other real-life figures. As far as senses and sensuality go, there is nobody more likely to embody those ideas than another French woman, actress Brigitte Bardot. She went from ballet student to model to superstar actress, becoming a sensual dream icon and a representative of France. Later in life she turned to animal protection and radical rightwing politics, but she will always been known for her youth. A great story for another book, screenplay, and movie, we thought.
S2S : Senses to Senses will accompany you on a subjective, roundabout, zigzagging journey through sensuality. Be sure to come around again next week, when you will find a report about a visit to the Philippines.


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