Sunday, February 03, 2008

Some Thing Has Found Me

Call it the Cloverfield effect.
I don't like movies about monsters, whether King Kong, Godzilla or Alien. I don't really like science-fiction movies, and I hate Star Trek and Star Wars in equal measure.
So what happened last Friday? Because of all the hype, and because of all the people on the Internet saying they became nauseous watching it, I just had to see Cloverfield.
You know, the 238th-something movie about something nasty attacking New York. The gimmick this time around of course, was that it was all supposed to be an amateur video shot by some immature young dude.
Well - it worked. I thought the film was great fun to watch. Despite the shaking around which, by the way, didn't make me nauseous at all. I guess only old white men who never lived through MTV and YouTube culture would get a headache out of watching this. It was also fun despite the lack of an apparent Hollywood happy ending. Despite the silly looks of the monster. Yes, that won't change, I still dislike monsters. And despite all the inconsistencies you can read about on any Internet forum.
Call it the Cloverfield effect.
The whole premise, the whole concept of the amateur video was so well realized that it got me thinking about writing a story with a similar concept. Well, not about a monster attacking New York nor about amateur video tapes, but about something equally original.
What comes first, comes first. February 15 is the deadline for the British Crime Writers' Association's Debut Daggers competition. As I wrote before, this needs a first chapter of up to 3,000 words and a synopsis of up to 1,000. I'm almost ready with my first piece for the competition, but I was also planning for a second.
Now Cloverfield is affecting my work for the competition. No, I'm not going to give up on my two stories. But what I'd love to do, once I've sent in my first story - probably tomorrow - is to work on my second, and write a third as well. One in the morning, one in the afternoon, every single day leading up to the February 15 deadline.
Blame my enthusiasm on Cloverfield, on director Matt Reeves, on writer Drew Goddard, on Lost mastermind JJ Abrams, and on gorgeous Canadian actress Jessica Lucas. But not on that silly monster.


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