Monday, January 07, 2008

Taiwan's Got Game

Think Taiwanese elections are as boring as this picture here?
Well, think again. At least, that is, if I find a publisher for a little game I've been thinking on.
It's a board game, and it takes as its main topic the upcoming March presidential elections in Taiwan and Taiwanese politics in general.
I know it, you're fed up with the sound trucks, the firecrackers exploding when a candidate passes by, the speeches on TV, etc.
But politics can also be fun if you don't take it seriously.
And that's what I did with this game of mine. It's a board game, as I said, so it bears a slight resemblance to Monopoly, as do most board games.
You need a couple of dice, the board, some special cards, and at least two players, though more are welcome.
At this point, I'm afraid I have to disappoint you because for copyright reasons I'm not allowed to reveal more at the moment.
All I can say is, that it's 90 percent ready, it's in Chinese - sorry for those of you who don't read the language - and it's being prepared for presentation to possible publishers.
One of the problems is copyright - I am worried about somebody seeing the game, turning it down, and then going to produce it on his own - and timing - with the presidential election being only two months away, I don't know if there is still time to print it and market it properly.
Anyway, you'll here more about it as I proceed with my plans, and in the meantime - "enjoy" this Saturday's legislative elections.


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