Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Missoni's Back

My wife's favorite Italian design house, Missoni, seems to be turning around years of decline in Taiwan into a comeback at Taipei 101.
There used to be a Missoni outlet on Kuangfu South Road in Taipei, but that closed a couple of years ago.
When the Taipei 101 mall first opened, there was a Missoni Sports outlet on the second floor, but that closed several months ago, leaving the shop next to the Grand Formosa Regent as the brand's only representative in Taipei.
With the poster on the bottom picture - 'comming soon' with typo and all - the Italian family business famous for its bright colors and cool knits looks like it's trying to recapture the island.

The Taipei 101 also recently welcomed a new Fendi store - see the picture at the top - with brightly colored handbags and glitzy dresses. Fendi is no stranger to Taipei, with outlets at a nearby Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and in the basement of the aforementioned Grand Formosa Regent, among others.
There's always place in Taipei for another Italian.


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