Saturday, September 15, 2007


So I went to the opening of the first Marks & Spencer in Taipei this morning.
I must admit, the clothes are nice. Colorful shirts for men, blouses for women, dresses for the older women, underwear, children's clothing, all reasonably priced at 2,000 to 3,000 New Taiwan dollars apiece, in a bright and airy environment.
I'm still skeptical whether the shop will stand up against all the other chains already present in Taiwan, but you already know that from previous postings on this blog.
The opening ceremony - not that anyone will judge a shop from its opening activities, but I was there, so why not write about it - was anything but impressive. A bunch of people scaled down from the top of the building with the letters forming the name Marks & Spencer on their backs. If it hadn't been for the Chariots of Fire theme music blasting across the street, nobody would have noticed. So I didn't even bother to take a picture, though that's also because an MRT station exit is blocking the view.
As for my interest in clothing items, while I was waiting for the opening, I cruised around the neighborhood. I saw much more interesting garb at the Armani Exchange and Diesel sales inside the Breeze 2 nearby, while a Giordano Concepts store has also opened on the other side.
The Marks & Spencer also has a food store, I'm glad to say, but it offers far less than what I remember from Europe. No Indian foods, and mostly biscuits and chocolates, overpriced and not English or original enough.
Will I still be visiting Marks & Spencer in Taipei? Probably, once the opening period is over we'll see whether they really master the local fashion scene. In the meantime, their second Taipei store will be opening at New York New York on the 20th, next Thursday.


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