Friday, July 27, 2007

The Jamei Chen Show

Not enough time. Today, tomorrow.
That's all the time you have to see an exhibition of 20 years' work by one of Taiwan's top fashion designers, Jamei Chen.
No idea why what could be the fashion exhibition of the year is being handled like an emergency, but that's the way it is. Pieces from two decades of the designer's career are being shown off in an art context, and all in all, it looks good. Today's United Daily News even turned the whole show into an excuse to do a two-page spread about 'fashion and art,' mentioning past collaborations between designers and artists, such as Stephen Sprouse's Louis Vuitton bags, and the Prada T-shirts. But we've all seen this before, so what we really need, are more smart exhibitions about local fashion and style, and preferably on show for a couple of months, not just two days.
Anyway, here the details for those of you quick enough to catch up:
The place: the Huashan Art Center at No.1, Bade Road, Section 1, in Taipei. That's where Bade Road sprouts out of Chunghsiao East Road.
The time: July 27 and 28, only two days, as I said, much too short.
The designer's web site:


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