Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Taipei In Style

The Taiwanese government's main annual promotion event for local fashions is upon us. Taipei In Style is opening tomorrow at the World Trade Center with fashion shows and stands from major designers and labels, featuring everything from sunglasses and gloves to watches and underwear.
The first two days, the event will only be open to professionals, so ordinary fashionistas like me will have to wait until Saturday morning 10:30 before having a look at the show. Taipei In Style closes Sunday evening.
On Saturday, I hope to be one of the first outsiders visiting the event, and I hope to be bright enough to take my camera to snap pictures which should appear on this blog early next week.
Earlier today, I saw Taiwan television stations showing the island's supermodels parading the latest dresses, with a special feature about the native aboriginals' colorful clothing, dominated by blue and red. The question remains to be seen how much of this heritage will be used by the island's mainly urban and cosmopolitan designers.
See you here next week for a look at my pictures.


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