Monday, October 29, 2007

Life is a Puzzle

Life is a puzzle indeed. When I first started up this blog, I was planning to attend fashion shows and boutique openings, interview fashion mavens and especially designers, and do something for Taiwanese design.
But as you've noticed, instead I've been stuck in a creative hole, reporting now and then on minor fashion events and new stores.
The main reason is my overwhelming range of interests. Fashion has never been my number one, even though it has come close at times.
Apart from style and design, I'm also interested in travel, movies, writing screenplays and thrillers, international politics, reading, surfing the Internet, cars, taking courses in subjects ranging from software to food and arts. You name it and there's a high probability that at least, I might want to read up on the subject.
My priorities right now have shifted from blogging and looking out for fashion away to writing about totally unrelated subjects. My latest project - which is likely to take up all my time in November - is taking part in NaNoWriMo. That odd name stands for National Novel Writing Month. It's no longer national though, and it attracts thousands of writers and wannabes worldwide who want to write 50,000 words within one month.
Some people are just satisfied with picking quantity over quality - but I'm not. I want to write a real story, not a lot of rubbish just to show off the NaNoWriMo logo on my site if and when I reach 50,000 words. There is no quality control in that competition, and no real prizes, so for many people it will just be a complete waste of time. Since I have no time to waste, I will write a story - and edit it afterward in the hope of finding a publisher for it.
November will also see me take a class in Illustrator software - I told you I'm interested in almost anything - and of course attend the lecture by Takashi Murakami I mentioned in my post about his book. See you in November!


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