Thursday, October 11, 2007

Make Your Own T-shirt

There's so much choice out there, but sometimes it's still not enough. You have a certain design, a new logo, a funky image or text in your head but you also want to get it out and see it on a piece of clothing.
Thanks to the democratization of design caused by the Internet, you can now create your own designs online, then print them and transfer them to bags, T-shirts, stickers and so on.
You know the transfer method with an iron and special paper, and the screen printing method. Both are quite common, with the latter resulting in better quality. You don't want the image to fade after washing the item a couple of times.
I recently tried a wilder and much more uncertain way - folks, do not try this at home. I just used acrylic paint - easily available at art supply stores, which in Taipei you find on Hoping East Road Section 1 around National Taiwan Normal University - on a bland white polo shirt I bought for 299 New Taiwan dollars at the sales at Net.
Two problems here: first, I'm not a good painter, as you will be able to see once I get my camera back from my wife, and second, I would not put this thing into the washing machine. Now that the Double Ten logo is old hat, I'll remove it with water and replace it with something I hope less political and more fashionable. And I'll improve my artistic skills along the way.
And now for something completely different: Dolce & Gabbana are reopening their boutique at Taipei 101 tomorrow. More about that later.


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