Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine!

What a perfect day for the pre-launch of our new concept.

You've noticed that the official name of this blog has now been changed into "S2S" and you're probably wondering what that means.

We're going to leave you guessing a little bit longer as we finetune our new concept and decide what to do with this blog.

You already know that we moved from the occasional report about the opening of new luxury stores in Taipei, Taiwan to writing about ... well, writing. Our scope is about to expand to include an even wider range of subjects, though they will all have one thing in common: S2S.

Our team will do its best to rev up the post count by providing more information but especially personal opinions about a host of topics, all of them things which are drawing our interest across the world, not just in Taiwan. That's why we dropped the name Taiwan in the title, though we hope our postings will still bear relevance to this place. Despite the removal of the word Fashionista from the title, fashion is still one of the topics up for comment. And as you can tell, our URL remains the same.

A happy Valentine from Enzo Ciancia and the S2S team, and more about our concept in the near future as we transform this blog into a new experience.


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