Monday, February 18, 2008

Team S2S

We've got ourselves a new title, now we have a new layout which can still be improved upon. Next, let me introduce the new team.
As I'm still the official webmeister of this blog, you will still see my name - Enzo Ciancia - around a lot, but otherwise I now have a team standing by depending on the subjects up for discussion. Blog items about fashion, food, cars - limited though they might be - will still come from my hand, but other subjects will have other authors.
First let me introduce to you Sean Moss, who will take over my duties regarding the worlds of writing and travel. Just like me, Sean loves writing. He hopes to become a published thriller author later this year, and just like me, he has been dabbling in online competitions to while away the time and improve his writing chops. He is also a more frequent traveler than I am, so he will be giving you more pictures and general travel impressions than I have been able to. Sean's first foreign destination is rumored to be the Philippines later this month, so I'd look out for his comments on this blog in early March.
A third member of Team S2S is Shadrilla Kems, and her favorite topics for discussion on this blog might be anything from fashion to hotels to beaches to shopping, with movies and music thrown in.
So much for Team S2S, in our next posts we will be revealing more about what S2S really stands for and what this blog aims to be doing.


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