Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Friday Writer

So I'm busy with the final preparations to launch my action thriller series on this blog.
The changes included a new name - "Rio" Moss instead of Sean Moss. The three-letter word is short, as pseudonyms are supposed to be, it's easily pronounceable, it's Spanish for 'river' and therefore a bit exotic which I like, and it's not completely off the charts because there's a famous British football player called Rio Ferdinand.
I also changed the story title from 'Hermetic' to 'Concentric.' First of all, because the former word featured already in blog and website names. Secondly, you'll have to wait and find out when you read the story.
I also have my final design ready for the structure of the story. It's still going to be freeflow, so part of it I will make up as I go along. That's the fun of it, writing one bit each week. So that's what it's going to be. Like a TV series, but on the computer screen, on a blog. One episode each week. An action thriller, with inspiration from everything from Snatch to Die Hard to Prison Break, 24, and maybe even Lost, though I'll try to keep the supernatural out of it.
I have the first episode pretty much completed in my mind, the second episode as well, the third one is taking shape. I had hoped to promote my undertaking on MySpace and Facebook, but I doubt those are really the right tools for that. There are still the forums, though many ban links to blogs. So I'll have to make up my promotion campaign as I go along as well.
Friday will be my first day of writing, though I can't promise the first episode will be on there by Friday night. I hope to reserve each Friday for writing 'Concentric,' finishing one neat episode each week and putting it on the blog either by Friday night or at least Saturday.
The rest of the week will be dedicated to my day job and to my 'real' thriller, i.e. a book I want to get published and therefore cannot reveal anything about on this blog. It's a real 100,000-word book that I hope to finish and send around to publishers in a European country by the end of the year. The subject is topical, the style is - I hope - Lee Child and Daniel Silva, but in a different setting.
See you later this week for 'Concentric,' Season One, Episode One: Speedokiniland.

By Rio Moss.


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