Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just an Idea

As a beginning thriller writer, I've been thinking of ways to promote my writing. Of course, my main activity is still writing the books. My first one went out to the publishers, I have four rejections so far, and three replies still expected. Like any eager writer, I have followed up my first book by starting work on my second. I'm still hopeful for the first one, but by the time all publishers have replied to my first query, I want to have the second book ready to go.
Yet, writing is a lonely job. That's why I now have an idea to change that. What do I want to do now?
Write a book on a blog. I hear you say, that's not original, lots of people have published Internet books. What I want to do is this: write a thriller chapter by chapter, and put each chapter up on my blog as I finish them. I'm shooting for one episode a week, to keep reader interest going. I won't be writing the book first, and then putting up a finished, polished work on the Web.
I want to write free style, write one chapter with the content I think up on the spot. Once the chapter is finished, I post it on the blog immediately, with only minor reviews for typos and grammar.
Episode after episode, chapter after chapter, week after week.
There are some minus points about this, of course. First of all, you will say I'm throwing my writing out there for everyone, including the sharks who don't care about copyright and might steal my ideas and my words. Fair enough, but it's still going to be fun.
The second danger is that I run out of ideas after five or ten chapters, and the whole structure comes creaking down on me. Or I'll write myself into a corner, not knowing where to take the story next and falling into rambling and rumbling. At least, I have to give it a try.
Then there's the question of where. Of course, I would like to put my writings right up here. But for that, I'll have to consult my host Enzo Ciancia and see if his generosity matches my appetite for self-promotion. Enzo founded this blog with fashion in mind, and that's what he and the lovely Shadrilla Kems want to be writing about. If I get the green light, I would also like to change the layout of the blog, because pink and my thriller writings just don't match, sorry, Enzo.
Or should I start up a separate blog, or even a completely new web site for my writings?
Over the next week, I shall continue to refine my ideas and consult with you guys on the Internet, on forums and blogs, to see how you do it, and how feasible or ludicrous my idea is. As you know, I write for fun, and what could be more fun than writing on and on on the Internet?
As far as style is concerned, I'm thinking of my blog story in television terms, it's like a series with weekly episodes you look forward to. As to content, I feel inspiration from action TV series like Prison Break, 24, Lost, The X-Files, but maybe with more action elements, more Asian influence - Asia is after all where I live - and more sunshine. My ideas are already here on paper, I just need to find ways to put them on the World Wide Web and make them attractive enough so that other people will want to read them. I need to do what a good writer does. I need to go there and do my research. See you soon.

By Sean Moss for S2S.


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