Thursday, July 10, 2008

Marks & Spencer: We Told You So

Is it already 14 months since British superbrand Marks & Spencer entered Taiwan, opening one store in Kaohsiung and two in expensive parts of Taipei?
It must be, because then there was still no S2S team and this blog was known as Taiwan Fashionista and run by one person, Enzo Ciancia.
And he had it right when he voiced doubts at the time that Marks & Spencer could make it in Taiwan. Too many clothing chains already, Enzo said. Not outstanding and special enough, he said. Has an old-fashioned image in Europe, he said. Food's great but too expensive and not well-known enough for Taiwan, he said.
So look now: Marks & Spencer, a classic brand in Britain, a well-known name in Europe - even though it received a battering when it closed down its stores in most of the continent - has decided to give it up and leave Taiwan.
A huge loss of face and an admission of defeat. A classic brand that can't make it in consumerist Taiwan. Also a sorry affair for its omnipresent Taiwanese business partner, the President group of 7-11, Starbucks, Mister Donut, Cosmed and other fame.
All we can do now is rush the stores and buy up the lot, as many shoppers seem to have already done. Goodbye, Marks & Spencer, maybe one day ...

By Shadrilla Kems for S2S.


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