Friday, August 29, 2008

Changing Names? Yes, We Can!

Yes, I have given the green light to Sean Moss to convert this blog into his writing paradise.
But you can already tell from the new title and the background color change. However, there might be another name change straight ahead.
We started out as Taiwan Fashionista in the days when I let myself be enthused by a newspaper report about a Frenchman working as a 'cool hunter' in Japan, taking pictures of stylish young women on the streets of Tokyo and then trying to sell his expertise of Japanese style and fashions to anyone interested. I was dreaming of doing the same thing in Taiwan, but Taiwan is not the style capital of the world - it follows Tokyo and Hong Kong more than anything else - and I didn't have the time anyway. So Taiwan Fashionista the blog became a loose collection of remarks about new shops opening, new and old shops closing, and the occasional style-related event or book review. Those items will still be there for view on the new blog.
Then along came S2S, Senses to Senses, an attempt at expanding the style idea to include everything that appeals to the senses, from traveling to cars and ads. For that purpose, I recruited two new writers, Shadrilla Kems, mostly for fashion, and Sean Moss, for travel and cars. And writing.
Sean soon talked me into a new overhaul: he wanted to write an action series on the Internet and could he have this blog to do it. I first balked at the idea, because this is my blog and his idea is so different. But he's very persuasive, I saw some of his writings and ideas both on and off this blog, so in the end I agreed. This is going to be the blog by Sean Moss. Shadrilla Kems has lots of other projects going, so don't you worry about her.
However, we unexpectedly bumped into another problem. Should we keep the slightly misleading URL taiwanfashionista to change into something new? First of all, we found out that both Hermetic - the title of Sean's story - and seanmoss were already taken as blogspot URL names. The latter is only a phantom blog with the letters JJJJ as its title, but still, we can't use it anymore.
Then we went looking for ways to promote the new blog, you know, social networks and the like. But there again, we found out that our Sean Moss is not the only one in the world, he already has namesakes on MySpace and Facebook and the like. They might not be thriller writers, but still. We want to avoid confusion. If Sienna Miller writes to Sean Moss, the message better arrive at our Sean Moss.
So what did we do? We changed names. Again. Too bad, but I told Sean to take a pen name. It's similar, but different. Short, because some wise people on the Internet think writers should have short four- or five-letter names so they can be printed really large on the book cover.
But we're not revealing the new name for Sean Moss and for his blog and work quite yet. We'll first do all the registering so we're sure we control the names. It'll be the final name change. Honestly. We're still evaluating whether to stay at the taiwanfashionista URL or take a new one. If it's the new one, we'll change all the references to the blog in our signatures on forums and the like. Too bad some forums, like the ones on the Fox TV services, don't even allow links to blogs. One way less of attracting interested people to Sean's stories.
That's life. As Taiwan Fashionista and S2S are about to enter a completely new life, I bid you 'arrivederci' but not farewell. If Sean Moss is generous, I might still pop in for a comment on his writing or so. Keep watching this space.

Enzo Ciancia.


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