Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Fashion Summer at Eslite

One of the most stylish places to go in Taipei outside Taipei 101 must still be the main Eslite book store on Dunhua South Road. The books, the cafes, the food and designer boutiques all succeed in attracting crowds no matter what the time of day.
An added incentive for me to visit has been the announcement that Eslite will be hosting a ten-part fashion course over the summer months.
The host is Ma Nien-tzu, founding editor-in-chief of “C’est Moi” magazine and former the Taiwan edition of “Figaro” magazine.
To me, the top attraction of the course is a half-a-day visit – that’s what it looks like in the brochure anyway – to a major international fashion company, either LVMH or Gucci. Still not clear whether that’s just a guided tour around the shops, or whether an executive from one of those firms will come and lecture at the programme. Probably a combination of both.
Otherwise, the course takes off with a description of what the main styles are for Spring/Summer 2005, and goes into a history of fashion since the 1950s, with an edition about the “anti-fashions” of hippie, punk and hiphop. Next up are those fashion accessories so popular here in Asia – bags. After reviewing fashions for “bad girls and weird men,” the course devotes one whole evening to Tom Ford before finishing off with the influence of art on fashion design.
I have always been sceptical about lectures and classes – just the word reminds me of musty auditoriums with a sleepy professor down at the front – but I’m willing to give this series a chance.
For those fashionistas interested, all you need to do is head to the Eslite first-floor desk and register. The full ten-part course costs 3,000 NT$, separate sessions go for 350 NT$ a piece, but do not include the LVMH or Gucci visit. Classes take place each Monday evening from 7:30 to 9:30, beginning on June 13, with the final episode on August 22.
In the next editions of Taiwan Fashionista by Enzo Ciancia: on safari at the Idee(s) mid-year sales, and first impressions of the Eslite fashion course. A course which I will not be able to attend completely, because I am scheduled to move out of Taiwan, just for a couple of weeks. More about that in my next postings.


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