Thursday, February 24, 2005

Taiwan's with it for Spring-Summer 2005

As a fashionista, I can’t help reading up on the latest trends. So yesterday I bought the March edition of the British version of Vogue, and today I saw the family supplement of the United Daily News, one of the biggest Chinese-language newspapers here in Taiwan. And guess what: both identified the same trends for the spring and summer of 2005: floral prints, ocean themes, and ethnic designs.
The flowers out there are not just on dresses and skirts, but on shoes and handbags as well. A prime example is Dior’s logo series: you have the original logo series showing the letters D, i, o, r, and for this year you just add a sprinkling of colorful flowers here and there, and there you have it: fashion.
The ethnic motifs are nothing new to Taiwan: last summer was an Indian summer here. New shops opened up everywhere selling trinkets from the Indian subcontinent, as well as cotton dresses with Indian motifs, such as elephants. The question is how many of those stores will survive into the summer of 2005 as tastes and styles change. Vogue tells us Africa, and especially Southern Africa, will be fashionable this summer, but given Taiwan’s tenuous links with that continent, I can’t see an African explosion happening here.
The third theme for this summer is the ocean, with blue and white, the favorite colors of sailors and typical for the Mediterranean, and certainly Greece, predominant. The United Daily News gives this theme short shrift, with only a couple of Louis Vuitton shoes with colored and white lines fitting the subject.
Anyway, all of this still leads me to the conclusion that Taiwan is closely following international fashion trends, or at least the media are. The question is: when will we actually see those themes in the stores, and on the people of Taipei? Stay posted.
In the meantime, before I can show the fashions of Taipei, I’ll be taking a peek across the water, spending a few weeks in the empire once known for its baggy blue uniforms and blownup caps. Yes, Taiwan fashionista is going to dress up as China fashionista for a short trial period.


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