Sunday, December 26, 2004

Taiwan Fashionista: The Idea and The Plan

Welcome to Taiwan Fashionista by Enzo Ciancia.

This blog all started months ago, with an Associated Press article published in an English-language newspaper here in Taiwan. The report profiled a Frenchman living in Japan and working there as a cool hunter.
What's a cool hunter? A person who is after the latest trends, particularly in fashions, clothing. The Frenchman in question has a web site he fills with pictures of fashion stores, designs, and especially fashionably-dressed people in the streets of Tokyo.
Taiwan Fashionista by Enzo Ciancia wants to do the same for Taiwan's capital, Taipei. The opening of this blog today is just the first step. Once we really get off the ground, we'll give you pictures of Taiwan's fashionable stores - with an emphasis on local brands rather than just the international luxury stores - and of Taiwan's fashionable people.
My ultimate aim is to be a cool hunter, not just here in Taipei, but in what I believe will be the fashion capital of the Asia Pacific in the future - Shanghai, China!
This blog is just the start of the adventure. Come and join me, and be patient!


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