Thursday, January 06, 2005

Taiwan Fashionista: Style, Stores, and Women

If I needed more evidence that my blog will be fashionable: the Taipei Times, one of Taiwan’s three English-language newspapers, launched a new supplement today: Style. No, it wasn’t very stylish, with an interview with Leonardo di Caprio and the translation of a Chinese article about what it takes to be a model on this island. But it’s still a welcome addition to fashion and style reporting in the local media. Until now, the only other such reports were to be found on two pages in the Saturday edition of the Taiwan News, and they were mostly articles from U.S. publications totally unsuitable for Taiwan.
And that’s where Taiwan Fashionista by Enzo Ciancia is coming in. My blog doesn’t claim to offer in-depth reporting or socially-minded fashion criticism, no, I just want to let the pictures speak for themselves. What will you see in those pictures, if the photographer in me gets to break his way out? Style, stores and women. That’s basically it.
Taiwan Fashionista by Enzo Ciancia will show you Taipei’s fashion stores by area: Nanjing-Chungshan, Chunghsiao East Road, Hsinyi with Taipei 101, Tienmu. I would prefer to highlight the local brands over the major stars of foreign and international luxury, but both will find their place on my blog.
Taiwan Fashionista by Enzo Ciancia will show you the clothes worn in Taiwan and the women wearing them. I want to take pictures of fashionable and stylish women walking around the toniest shopping districts and malls of Taipei. There again, I will have to count on my budding photographic skills and the willingness of local ladies not to turn away or walk too fast. Last but not least, there is the technical element. Enzo Ciancia is a fashionista, not a geek, not a tech head. The success of this blog will for a large part be dependent on the technical aspects of the blogger system. I just hope my concept of a fashion photo blog will work well in the blogger universe.
As to your question: when can we see the first pictures? A planned overseas trip is delaying my plan by at least a month, i.e. you should see the first pictures here around the Chinese New Year in early to mid-February. Please bear with me.


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