Thursday, May 26, 2005

Christian Dior - Paris, Rome, Taichung

Classic French brand Christian Dior has moved into central Taiwan by opening a “flagship” store at the Sogo Department Store in Taichung, the wealthy island’s third city, located right in the middle between the capital Taipei and the harbor town of Kaohsiung, both of which are already served by the French fashion house.
The company took out full-page ads in major newspapers Thursday to celebrate the occasion. The ads showed model Riley Keough – Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, the local media noted – sporting a jeans bag with a huge leather D. Riley wasn’t at the opening, but Taiwan’s most famous pop diva, A-mei, was.
The new shop is divided in three sections, ready to wear, shoes and jewelry. For the opening, the French fashion house distributed 80 Dior Vintage bags: they have red leather handles and sides, a blue jeansy main field with the logo, and a metal plaque on the inside marked Dior Taichung and a two-digit number. Price: 32,700 New Taiwan dollars, or about 1,000 US$. A company spokesman estimated the bags would be sold out within a month, the Liberty Times wrote.


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